Bitcoin Latinum Announces Green Initiative and Launch Plans

PALO ALTO, CA, June 3, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Bitcoin Latinum, the
next-generation insured Bitcoin fork capable of massive transaction volume,
digital asset management, cybersecurity, and capacity is announcing a
groundbreaking green initiative to achieve a carbon net-zero footprint, as a
commitment to sustainable environmental practices and support of the Crypto
Climate Accord. This will be achieved through a Consensus protocol system for
settling transactions. Bitcoin Latinum is also announcing its hard-fork and
public trading availability for Q3 2021.

Bitcoin Latinum is an enhanced Bitcoin fork. The Bitcoin Latinum algorithm and
infrastructure break barriers and speed limits that have prevented some
virtual currencies from achieving practical, real-time use. Bitcoin Latinum –
to trade under LTNM – will be mining-free, with a fixed supply of 888,888,888
pre-mined tokens. Legacy tokens, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, rely on a
proof-of-work system to confirm transactions generated through mining, which
has proven to be detrimental to the environment given the massive electricity
demands have increased the consumption of fossil fuels such as coal.

Announced to the world in November 2020, Bitcoin Latinum is aiming to
hard-fork and become publicly available for trading in Q3 2021 on major
exchanges across the globe, including the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) recently released its 3rd Annual Global Crypto
Hedge Fund Report 2021, as reported by The report showed
that “cryptocurrency hedge funds remain incredibly bullish on
bitcoin.” And the “median predicted price for bitcoin by the end of
2021 was $100,000… with 21% of cryptocurrency hedge funds predicted that the
year-end price would be between $100,000 and $150,000.”

Slated to become the world’s largest insured digital asset, Bitcoin
Latinum has appointed Marsh & McLennan, one of the world’s leading
specialty insurance brokers and risk advisers, to arrange a comprehensive
insurance program for the new cryptocurrency through their Asia division,
Marsh Asia. The contemplated insurance coverage will protect Bitcoin Latinum
holders in case of external theft and internal collusion, potentially up to
the full value of their holdings.

Bitcoin Latinum sold out its initial pre-sale with over nine figures committed
from buyers across the globe in November 2020. In Q1 2021, Bitcoin Latinum
launched an international giveaway of a new Tesla Roadster, to massive
interest and submissions. The winner of the giveaway will be announced after
the public listing of LTNM.

The Bitcoin Latinum tokens are a part of a blockchain ecosystem being adopted
by numerous companies in media, gaming, storage, cloud, and
telecommunications. Bitcoin Latinum tokens will be interchangeably used on
each of these partner/supplier networks by consumers. In addition, Bitcoin
Latinum adds security around inflight transactions and enhanced consensus node
protection based on memory scanning technology.

As reported by Yahoo Finance: “Bitcoin is now considered an investable
asset. It has its own idiosyncratic risk, partly because it’s still
relatively new and going through an adoption phase,” stated Mathew
McDermott, Goldman Sachs’ global head of digital assets. McDermott added:
“But clients and beyond are largely treating it as a new asset class,
which is notable – it’s not often that we get to witness the emergence of
a new asset class.”

Monsoon Blockchain Corporation, Asia’s premier blockchain company, was
selected by Bitcoin Latinum as its foundation partner. Monsoon is focused on
innovative cloud solutions in the blockchain ecosystem. Dr Donald Basile,
Monsoon’s CEO and founder, is the former CEO of Fusion IO, a company
known for playing a major role in implementing the cloud systems at Apple and
Facebook as well as partnerships with HP, IBM, and Dell.

Monsoon Blockchain Corporation leverages the latest blockchain technology to
develop powerful business solutions that allow the successful digitization of
and listing of assets across a variety of industries, including financial
services, telecommunications, and media and entertainment. As well as building
software for clients, Monsoon consults businesses on how blockchain can be
utilized, and devises tokenization strategies on their behalf. Monsoon has
worked with a number of enterprise IT giants and governments.

Bitcoin Latinum offered is for educational and informational purposes only and
should NOT be construed as a securities-related offer or solicitation or be
relied upon as personalized investment advice. Bitcoin Latinum strongly
recommends you consult a licensed or registered professional before making any
investment decision. Only individuals in countries that permit such giveaways
are eligible to participate.

Kai Okada, Bitcoin Latinum
T: +1 800 528 0985

SOURCE: Bitcoin Latinum

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